At the Institute of Biobehavioral Medicine (IBBMed) we advocate for a healthy work-life balance and our approach to organizational wellness recognizes that one size does not fit all. We believe, in order to run and maintain a successful organization there must be a sense of unity within the workplace and we work towards customizing unique solutions and programs to address not only the organization’s needs but also the needs of its members.

It’s proven that the health and wellbeing of workers has a tremendous effect on the ultimate outcome results and workplace productivity.Recent data suggests that the workplace has become the single greatest source of stress and the cost to industry has been estimated at $200-300 billion a year. At IBBMed we believe true success and prosperity requires a healthy balance of life and work. Our psycho-educational program focuses on assisting executives and managers prioritize between work (external demands of career and the internal demands of ambition) on one hand and life (health, family, leisure and spiritual development) on the other. Organizational wellness programs offer a combination ofpsychological, organizational, and educational components designed to support behavior conducive to better health and productivity of employees and their loved ones.

At IBBMed we can address all facets your organization’s wellness and our work is based on scientific research and strength-based practices. We will customize our programs, workshops and seminars to address the unique needs and challenges of your corporation and its culture. Our proven approach combines anxiety and stress reduction, work-life balance, along with leadership and peak-performance programs. Should you be inclined, we can offer the latest advances in psychology and neuroscience used in professional sports to help provide a competitive advantage to the executives and leaders of your organization.

For more information on this and other programs, please contact us at 800.725.4251.