The research mission of the Institute of Biobehavioral Medicine (IBBMed) is to foster and develop collaborative research programs with the leading institutions investigating in the mind-body connection. Mindful of the fact that certain settings are breeding grounds for high stress and attendant health consequences, we are committed to special research programs to improve health and enhance academic and occupational performance, as well as a general sense of well-being and fulfillment.

At IBBMed we hope not only to better understand and prevent the leading causes of mental illness, but also to investigate, understand and isolate the healing processes of nature. Some of our interests include:

  • Mind-body medicine: resiliency, mindfulness and disease vulnerability
  • Psychosocial stress: work stress and other psychosocial stresses
  • Childhood trauma and unresolved grief
  • Stress Reduction: relaxation practices
  • Affects of spirituality, forgiveness and grace
  • Affects of Nutrition and exercise on mental health
  • Personal Transformation and Leadership