The Institute of Biobehavioral Medicine (IBBMed) is a multi-disciplinary center of excellence, integrating the fields of psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience and spirituality. Our holistic approach to mental and physical health combines ancient wisdom with the latest innovations in medical science and psychology. Our goal is to restore health and balance by promoting the healing processes of nature.

The IBBMed staff specializes in psychiatry, psychoanalysis, cognitive-behavioral therapy, nutrition therapy and neurofeedback. Our diagnostic and therapeutic expertise is enhanced by use of the full spectrum of objective psychological tests. We focus on mind-body health and wellness and our aim is to bring the latest innovations in treatment to our patients, conduct clinical research, and educate physicians, therapists, community and corporate organizations.

The treatment method at IBBMed is inspired by our philosophy. We believe the human mind has an unconscious connection with the universe, and what we perceive is highly interrelated to who we are. Conflicted motives and emotions undermine integrity, impair relationships and inhibit growth. Fear, anger, envy and despair poison our hearts and produce ailments – both physical and emotional. At IBBMed, in addition to addressing the biological aspects of various disorders, we empower our patients to transcend experiences of trauma and loss and accept the true nature of reality through mourning, personal growth and transformation. By reestablishing the restorative power of love, play and creativity, patients purify their hearts, reassess their values and dreams, and lead more meaningful and productive lives. We achieve our exceptional results by focusing on compassion, confidentiality and individually tailored care, combining medical science with an in-depth understanding of the true nature of humanity. We utilize medications sparingly and only when necessary.

At IBBMed we guide our patients on a loving search for truth, both within themselves and their environment, gracefully accepting what is, without judgment or resentment, while embracing change.

Together we learn, heal and grow.